Events Calendar Blog Widget

Here is a great idea that comes from my brother, tj. He was looking to set up a sidebar widget showing upcoming events for his blog.

“I want to set up an events calendar on my blog. It would be cool if it was just a small calendar on the side with the dates highlighted that have events. Then you click on the day to see the event.”

While something like this does exist as a widget for the WordPress blog software (which is what this blog uses), I could not find anything that works for Blogger (what tj uses). The one for WordPress is called Events Calendar, and it’s pretty nifty.

But I was really surprised to find that nobody has coded a widget compatible with every blog that grabs a Google Calendar or something of the like, and displays the events in the navigation bar. There actually is one for Google Calendar, but it’s way too big to fit on the side.

I know some of the people over at Widgetbox read this blog, so you widget coders better be paying attention! These guys have done some cool things lately, working with Apple Inc. on the My iTunes widgets and MixIts for user-created iTunes iMix playlists.

And for readers who live in Southern California, be sure to check out tj’s blog, Sam Ash California. He updates it every day with great deals on musical instruments, seminars for players and celeb appearances. It’s a great read for musicians and fans.

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