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Thank You, Nintendo: I Finally Picked a Winner

I’ve been playing video games since the mid-80s. That was also the last time I picked a winning game console.

I was weaned on my brother’s Nintendo Entertainment System. While there was an Atari 5200 in the house, NES got all the playtime. All the greatest games of the generation were developed for the system — well, just about every game was made for NES.

Many years later my brother purchased a Sega Genesis, packaged with a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. (And whatever happened with companies packing their best game along with the system? At least Nintendo brought it back with Wii Sports.)

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Console Gamers Say Bring on the Pricing Wars

Frugal gamers unite.

With Microsoft Corp. knocking $50 off the price of the Xbox 360 today and Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 price drop storage capacity increase last month, conditions will only get better for us, the consumers.

We’re finally nearing that sweet spot in the console generation cycle where manufacturers assemble their products at a lower cost, and attract the customers who had been waiting for a price drop.

Microsoft is acknowledging that, after almost two years without a price drop, it’s time. “The fact that we have been able to keep our launch price longer than any other console while retaining our leadership position demonstrates that consumers believe in the value of Xbox 360,” said Mitch Koch, corporate vice president of Global Retail Sales and Marketing Group for Microsoft.

Sony has been struggling to give gamers an incentive to purchase its next-gen system. By losing exclusivity of the Grand Theft Auto series and with whispers of Metal Gear Solid 4 making its way to the Xbox 360, Sony needs to find other ways to push systems.

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Top 10 Asshats of the Tech Industry

Among all the heroes of the technology industry — the Bill Gates, the Steve Jobs, the Kevin Roses, the Deidre LaCartes — there are just as many, if not more, asshats. Whether it’s arrogance, stupidity or a sweat gland deficiency, let’s explore the 10 biggest asshats of tech.

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