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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

So we’ve discussed how having a calming daily routine can help clear your thoughts. Probably just as important as regularity is fitness. Without regular exercise you’re putting your heart and not to mention your appearance at risk. What’s worse is that your mind requires that physical activity to stay alert and focused.

Get enough sleep. “Enough” is relative to the person. Some people need eight or nine hours of sleep; some can get by on five or six. I’m right in between — normally feeling rested after between seven and eight hours. But sleep is probably the most important of this list that people often ignore.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t budget the amount of sleep you need to feel regular, sleep experts say that napping can be a helpful supplement, according to

Start the morning with something physical. If you have trouble waking up (and staying up) doing some type of exercise every morning can be a good catalyst to get you going. I do a set of pushups every morning, and later in the day — a few times a week — I run a couple miles.

Be well fed. The saying “food for thought” is a good indication of how important eating is to the brain. Without having regular meals, your mind simply cannot function up to its potential. Having healthy meals that hit on the major food groups should be a daily goal.

Meditation. I personally have never had any training or personal experience with meditation, but I’ve heard really good things about what will it do for both, body and mind. From what I understand, it relaxes them simultaneously and can allow you to free your thoughts.