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How Facebook Kept Its Users Coming Back

Facebook is by far one of the most fascinating web phenomena of the past few years. It came in with a service that fulfilled the exact same purpose as Friendster and MySpace were already offering millions of users. And not everybody could use it for the first few years!

So how did the site go from obscurity to being one of the top used web services? Aside from a clean, user-friendly design, and an isolated network system, there are two distinct trends that seem to be very successful.

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Front Page view for social news

Social news websites like Digg, Reddit and (to a lesser extent) are great for many reasons, like getting certain coverage the mainstream media rarely shows. As news layouts go, however, there is much to be desired. The endless list views, where no story visually carries more importance than another, is not the ideal for readers.

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Pownce integration for Digg

Here’s an idea that I can’t be the first to have come up with. After seeing founder Kevin Rose’s much-hyped (at least on Diggnation) web-based instant messaging application, called Pownce, I wouldn’t expect it to really catch on as a standalone project.

Cue Digg-Pownce integration. Private messaging has been the gaping hole in the Digg experience since the community-driven website launched in 2004. How can you expect to sustain a community, where members can’t contact each other?

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