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Color matching tool

I’ve never had a good eye for colors. Maybe it was inherited from my dad, who mistook each of his three brown-haired sons for ginger babies. (Fortunately for us, he was wrong.) This handicap makes everything from web design to choosing what clothes to wear a burden.

A helpful tool would be a web service or a widget where I could choose a starting color, and it would return a list of a few colors that match. The tool should be as simple as picking colors from a crayon box, or as expandable as choosing hues from a color wheel or inputting a hex value.

Maybe it’ll stop me from making the cardinal sin of wearing brown shorts with a black shirt. (Girls tell me that’s simply unacceptable.)


‘iTunes Party Shuffle’ Dashboard widget

The iTunes Party Shuffle widget for the Mac Dashboard would display the upcoming tracks in the iTunes Party Shuffle, allowing the user to refresh the list, rearrange the track order, remove tracks and add tracks by dragging them from iTunes.The idea was inspired by Apple’s slick Cover Flow execution on the iPhone, where the album flips over when it’s selected showing the track list.

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