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Save the World with $6 Gasoline

I’ll admit it. I’ll be the first to complain when gas prices are a little high. But today’s idea for saving the environment from the evils of carbon emissions comes from Brad Templeton.┬áThe concept: deter people from driving by making gasoline at least $6 per gallon across the United States — about double the price it is now. To offset that cost, every registered driver in the country is given $2,000 upfront.

The reasoning is that the gas price increase would set the average driver back about two grand (maybe a little more), so it’ll all balance out for them, or, if anything, will be a good incentive for them to drive less. People who take public transportation will inevitably pay a little more to ride the taxis or buses, so the refund should take care of that.

For heavy gasoline burners — those taking very long commutes, those electing to buy Hummers and Suburbans — it means paying lots more, and subsidizing those who don’t. Those who buy a Prius would be well rewarded, as would those who switch to transit or anything more fuel efficient,” says Templeton on his blog.

I think Templeton is on to something great here. The reason Europeans, especially the English, are much better about conserving gas petrol and taking public transportation is that gas prices are already absurdly expensive over there. They’re very smart about their fuel consumption because they have to be! It’s simply too expensive to drive a gas-guzzling vehicle around.

What do you think? Could this be the change the U.S. needs to drastically curb its carbon emissions?