A Better Game Review System

Video game magazines and web sites have been doing it all wrong for far too long.

Traditionally game reviewers are assigned to a system — a few guys on Nintendo, some on Xbox and a couple on PlayStation. But this makes absolutely no sense considering the abundance of identical titles that release simultaneously on every console. We only need one review of NCAA Football!

The problems start to set in when the guy doing the Xbox reviews happens to be a big sports fan and a hater of first-person shooters. Or maybe he loves platform games but can’t stand racing.

One way to fairly effectively avoid this random bias is to use a review score aggregator like Game Rankings or Metacritic. These grab the scores from all the major review sites and ‘zines and averages the numbers.

A better solution on the content providers’ end would be to assign review “beats” based on genre, not system. So there would be one guy on the racing beat, one on the sports beat, one on the puzzle beat, etc. This way, you’ll know the reviewer is an expert on the type of game he’s playing, and he can suggest a similar title that might be more worthwhile.

Hopefully that would ensure that games like Mario Kart: Double Dash!! don’t ever receive a perfect score. (I mean, let’s face it. That was the worst Mario Kart ever.)


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