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Most Memorable Product Launches This Year

Launch PR has released an interesting case study into the most popular product launches this year. It’s fun to see what products won over the collective mind thanks to buzz via word of mouth and advertising. So props to the following marketing departments.

  1. Apple iPhone (37%)
  2. Microsoft Windows Vista (26%)
  3. Febreze Candles (14%)
  4. Domino Oreo Dessert Pizza (10%)
  5. alli Weight Loss Capsules (10%)
  6. Oreo Cakesters (10%)
  7. Diet Coke Plus (9%)
  8. Subway Fresh Fit Meals (8%)
  9. Motorola Razr2 (8%)
  10. Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips (7%)

Not much of a shock there, with the iPhone edging out the competition. I hadn’t heard of a couple of these, like Listerine Whitening Strips  or Orea Cakesters, but a lot of it goes to show that the most practical product is not necessarily the most recognizable — case in point: Motorola Razr2 and Windows Vista.


This Week in Antitrust Cases

With all the perks that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission gives to telecoms like Verizon and AT&T (some being in the gray areas of the law), it’s nice to see the F.C.C. put a stop to one that’s really anticompetitive.

The chairman announced this week that the F.C.C. is ending thousands of contracts giving a single cable company the rights to supply service to an entire apartment building, The New York Times reports. As an apartment resident, this is a major win for myself and for the consumer. Cable TV prices are beginning to needlessly skyrocket, and this measure should put a little more competition in the consumer sector.

In other antitrust news, Microsoft finally conceded defeat in its case in Europe. It will have to open the source code to some of its software.

Top 10 Asshats of the Tech Industry

Among all the heroes of the technology industry — the Bill Gates, the Steve Jobs, the Kevin Roses, the Deidre LaCartes — there are just as many, if not more, asshats. Whether it’s arrogance, stupidity or a sweat gland deficiency, let’s explore the 10 biggest asshats of tech.

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