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And then comes a patent reform

The House Committee on the Judiciary passed the Patent Reform Act of 2007 today, the first major reform to the system in decades. This is a pleasant followup story to my post yesterday criticizing the patent system.

The reform adds additional protection for inventors and marks a shift from the “first to invent” system to a “first to file,” according to a report by¬†Ars Technica.

The act has been criticized by companies that rely on royalties from patents but receives support across the board from the technology world (and from me).


Are technology patents worthless?

Unless you have a formula that cures the common cold or you’re Thomas Edison sent here from the past, you might not have much need for the U.S. patent system.

A patent used to be “inventor’s insurance” and kept innovation flowing. In the new technology frontier, dozens of companies are coming up with overlapping concepts and similar ways of implementing them, only to find out years later that some unknown company with no proof of concept carries the rights to the idea.

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