Wash Up and Have a Stroke of Genius

Of all the techniques for opening your mind for thinking, Nate Weiner’s has to be the most unusual. He suggests taking long showers and spending that time to ponder the ideas and self-reflections that are suppressed in other environments.

“I take long showers,” Weiner writes on his Idea Shower blog, a name obviously inspired by his unique thinking habits. “If I go long periods of time without answering the phone, my girlfriend does not worry about me being dead, or kidnapped, she’

ll just assume I’m in the shower. I take long showers because it gives me time for my mind to run.”

While I wouldn’t necessarily suggest you spend an hour in the tub, I certainly agree that the bathroom possesses many of the necessities for a good thinking environment. It’s distraction-free–you won’t normally find a telephone or a TV in the lavatory. It’s the one place in your home where you can go and be assured no one else will barge in on you in the middle of your thought process.

Some more conventional ways for harvesting ideas is to lock your bedroom door and sit at a comfortable chair (or even on the floor) and run through ideas in your head. I find the outdoors–under a tree or in the grass–to be a good place for inspiration.

But most of my ideas seem to come at night, so if you’re like me, keep a notebook handy for those random lightning strikes of ideas. As for Weiner’s suggestion, I think the comment on his post says it best: “Stop wasting water.”


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