TV Networks Taking the Artistic Reins

Since Family Guy creator and key voice actor Seth McFarlane joined the Writers Guild picket lines, Fox has been scrambling to deliver new content for its flagship Sunday show, according to E! News. McFarlane told the studio he would not author, produce or provide voice-overs until the strike is settled. McFarlane voices Peter, Brian and Stewie Griffin, among other characters.

Fox has decided to overstep its artistic boundaries, as McFarlane describes, by planning to release the episodes without the final approval or voice talent from the series creator. While it is within Fox’s lawful right to do so, I cannot, in any respect, endorse this move. I sincerely hope Fox feels a painful recourse from viewers for this hijacking of artistic creation.

In that same E! story, the last paragraph confirms my suspicion of the strike’s true goal. “[NBC] became the first network to withdraw from January’s Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, which showcases midseason series. Others are expected to follow,” E! writes. Looks like the strike is already beginning to take a serious toll on the progress of new TV series.


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