The Underlying Goal of the Writers Strike

The ongoing strike of television writers associated with the Writers Guild that has compelled the news media and ripped through Hollywood’s production schedules doesn’t appear to have any foreseeable end in sight. Writers are demanding to receive royalties from DVD and online sales of the shows they helped compose, like they receive for TV airings, and network execs aren’t budging.

Brad Templeton points out that this isn’t really having the devastating effect on viewers as the writers may have hoped. In fact, and ironically so, it’s driving fans to DVDs and iTunes purchases that these very writers are not seeing a penny from. Beyond that, many shows have tons of episode scripts sitting in their production rooms that they can dive into in the mean time, says the LA Times.

So what is the Writers Guild really trying to accomplish? The group knows that soon enough the studios will realize that there will be no more pilot shows, a major foundation of keeping a network fresh, if there’s no writers to put pen to paper. It’s not about season 20 of the Simpsons; depending on how long the strike lasts, it could be a long time until we see a substantial, new batch of TV series. And that’s worrisome.


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