Organize Your Thoughts: iPhone

I posted some tips a couple weeks ago on why you should write down your thoughts in a notebook and on how to keep it all organized. So for everyone who bought a notebook and started writing, keep at it! If you’d prefer a more high-tech alternative, this one’s for you.

While a PC is fine for jotting down some streams of consciousness, it’s not all that portable because it can’t be kept in your pocket. However, an iPhone can.

(Yes, I realize I’ve been talking a lot about the iPhone the past couple months — and I don’t even own one — but this is related to any PDA, smart phone or even most cell phones — although it really sucks typing on the latter.)

Create separate notes on the device for categories like “ideas” and “thoughts.” Then whenever something comes to mind, no matter where you are, just pull out your cell phone and jot it down. I’ll often type in my cell phone if I think of something I want to remember when I’m out. It’s a lot less geeky than pulling a loose-leaf notebook and pen out of my pocket.

For iPod touch owners, you can keep your notes as separate contacts. Just create separate contacts for the categories we talked about earlier, and then in the notes field you can enter whatever is on your mind. It’s a decent substitute for Apple Inc.’s annoying choice not to include the iPhone’s notes application. The beauty of using the contacts area is that, unlike the iPhone’s notes app, the contacts will sync to your Mac Address Book.


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  1. koldfyre on

    Haha, nice tips, I think I’m going to go with the iPhone. I might have stuck with the iPod touch if it was cheaper but now that a tethering app is out in the app store, I’m definitely getting a 8GB iPhone (don’t think 8 more GB is worth the $100).



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