Tag Your Moleskine Pages

So now that you have your notebook and hopefully started jotting down some thoughts, you should have a few good pages of your streams of consciousness. Keep this up for a few months, and you should have 30 or 40 pages filled with writing, which should start to appear fairly unmanageable. What’s the point of writing all this stuff down if you’ll never be able to wade through it to find the good stuff?

Let’s take a tip from Web 2.0 and tag the pages of the notebook. Write a couple keywords about the contents of the page at the top right of each one. I have a tag for work-related stuff (along with the project names), one for “ideas” and one for “thoughts.” With the addition of tags, the Moleskine becomes a pretty good place to organize your life and mind.

The Boston Globe did a story last year about the “back to paper movement,” where PDA users were quickly moving toward living their lives by a notebook and pen. But the traditional paper tablet is not the only way to go, so I’ll break down some of the high-tech options later this week.


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