Moleskine Notebooks for Organizing Your Brain

As part of a new series of posts (tag: Thawts) I’ll walkthrough some tips for organizing your thoughts. Very often the best ideas are drawn from day-to-day life. But the problem is that those thoughts come just as quickly as they go. Very rarely do we find the time or incentive to write them down.

In reality jotting those ideas down is the biggest obstacle. I’ve found the best way to organize my ideas is with a pocket sized notebook. I use a Moleskine notebook for work-related notes and for dumping miscellaneous thoughts into. Any notebook will work, but I love the Moleskines for a number of reasons.

It’s small. The pocket notebooks are the ideal size. They fit comfortably in the pockets of my jeans and have plenty of pages to last me months.

Unlined. I have very neat handwriting and an inherited artistic hand, so the lack of lined pages might not be ideal for everyone. (Don’t worry. Moleskine offers both lined and unlined versions.) But I find the blank slate pages are ideal for spilling your brain onto the page. So I can throw a ton of writing down, and then if I need to do a sketch to get a thought across, I can easily do so without worrying about lines obscuring the drawing.

Folder. Moleskines have a little folder in the back that can store business cards, leaflets or whatever you need to hang onto. In essence, these notebooks could organize your entire life. In addition to the folder at the end, Moleskines also have the trademark bookmark (think: Bible fabric bookmark) and a clever little attachment that keeps the book shut even if you have a ton of leaflets in the folder.

Despite how much use I get out of my notebook, I don’t come close to the cult of Moleskine lovers, like Armand Frasco, an artist who runs the Moleskinerie blog.

Be sure to pickup a notebook and start jotting your thoughts down. And stop back tomorrow for a tutorial on keeping your notebook organized.


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