LP Discography Playlists

For many music obsessives enthusiasts, having their favorite band’s entire catalog isn’t enough. Not only do I have every Beatles album in my iTunes library, but I also have six discs of Anthology pre-production songs and a few bootlegs. I don’t just have the three Brand New LPs. I have some live shows, an acoustic set and a Christmas album of which only a few thousand discs were printed.

Having these is both a blessing and a curse. My brother, tj, and I talked about how we’ll sometimes want to shuffle only the official releases. iPod doesn’t make this easy. So we have two options.

If you don’t ever want the songs to pop up during shuffle, but you want them in your library anyway: select the songs in iTunes, go to File > Get Info and select “Skip When Shuffling.”

The other option is to create separate playlists for your favorite bands containing only the official playlists. Create a new playlists by clicking the plus icon in the bottom left corner of the iTunes window, and drag in the albums from your library. You’ll be happy you did.


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