iPod touch: It All Came True

The predictions could not have been more spot on.

Sept. 5 announcement? Check.

Chubby, video iPod nanos? Check.

New iPod interface? Check.

An iPod that’s an iPhone minus the phone? Hell yeah!

I should probably apologize on behalf of the internet for ruining Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs’ surprise. Okay, the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store was a bit of a shock, and I didn’t expect Apple to keep the iPod classic line around after introducing the iPod touch. But overall the blogs did well.

How well did this one do? Let’s take a look back at the predictions.

The basic premise was right: an iPhone minus the phone. We got all the iPod functionality, the PDA functionality (calendar and contacts) and the even more far-fetched wi-fi, supporting Safari and YouTube.

But what did I miss? I’m disappointed (and a little confused) to see Apple ditch the stocks and weather widgets. No Google Maps is also a major disappointment. I also can’t explain the removal of the notes application, which exists on iPhone and has been available (but not very useful) on every iPod since its inception.

More importantly the sleek iPhone Mail application was dropped for iPod touch. While e-mail, weather, stock quotes and sticky notes can be accomplished with web-based applications, it’s curious that Apple is giving iPod owners a bit of the cold shoulder. But I guess they need to give consumers an incentive to drop the extra hundred on iPhone.

So where else did I go wrong with my guesses? Well it’s not white. Oh well, I should have quit when I was ahead.


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