Bring Back 2-D Games

I miss old-school gaming.

I recently got into Marvel vs. Capcom for Dreamcast, an awesome two-dimensional fighting game, with some friends, and it really rocks just about any fighting game of the past 10 years.

In used to be able to turn to handheld games for my old-school fix, but having owned (and eBayed) a Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, it’s becoming obvious that development of 2D may soon come to a halt. (Although the hugely popular New Super Mario Bros. for the DS was incredibly good.)

It’s cool to see there’s still interest in the old style, with ongoing work on 2D versions of popular 3D games, like the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D. There’s a new video on YouTube (below) for a 2D version of the upcoming 3D platformer, Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

The old games are still hanging around in the form of PC emulators, Wii Virtual Console and Game Boy Micro.

I think hope we’re about to see a major revival, though. Nintendo Co. will soon allow indie developers to create games for a new download platform called Wii Ware. In theory this could usher in a whole slew of awesomely low budget 2D games.

I’m hoping there is enough interest from developers because there’s certainly a desire from consumers.


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