Tip for Printing Google My Maps

The My Maps feature of Google Maps is incredibly useful. It’s simple to layout any trip, long or short.

I put together my first map for a trip into New York City Tuesday to see Mae and As Tall As Lions play at Blender Theatre. We ended up short on time, so having a printout of the My Map printout, complete with subway station locations and points of interest, was a lifesaver.

But that printout wasn’t so easy to get. Google Inc.’s tool doesn’t provide a direct way to print a map you’ve made. So here’s how I did it.

For Mac:

  1. Get a screen capture of the map in your browser by keying Cmd-Shift-4 (⌘⇧

    4) and highlighting the part of the map you want to print. It saves a PNG file to the desktop.

  2. Open the file and print it.

For Windows:

  1. Press the “Print Screen” button on the keyboard. It saves the screen capture to the clipboard.
  2. Open an image editing program (or Paint, if you don’t know how to pirate PhotoShop), and paste the image into a new file.
  3. Print it.

So that’s the best we’ve got until Google takes care of it.


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  1. LauraB on

    To save a step in this process, I use Solid Capture for my screen captures.

    This program allows you to capture an entire page, a scrolling window (in IE), dual monitors or just a portion of your screen and then you can print, make a pdf, email or do whatever you like with the image.

    It is a available for a free trial.

    Laura B
    Customer Service
    Solid Documents, LLC

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