Sizzling Keys and iTunes: A Good Pair

After my post tearing into Quicksilver yesterday, I realized it packs a few undeniably great features — one being the missing links it provides for Apple iTunes. It allows me to search my iTunes library and queue up songs in Party Shuffle. I can also assign keyboard shortcuts to common tasks, like play/pause and skipping songs.

But I managed to remove Quicksilver from my hard drive and keep that great functionality with a lighter app called Sizzling Keys. Once installed, Keys is out of the way until I need it. Unlike Quicksilver, there’s no hard drive scanning every 10 minutes. Its preference interface is tucked away in System Preferences, where you can assign keyboard shortcuts to iTunes functions.

Apple is addressing the keyboard shortcut issue with new keyboards, which feature dedicated keys for iTunes. But for those who don’t want to shell out the cash for a new keyboard, Keys is a great solution.

The Keys application also offers the ability to search the songs in your library with a simple keystroke. By pressing control-spacebar, a transparent menu comes up, where I can search for a song and then add it to party shuffle or play it immediately. Very handy for people who have their jukebox going just about all the time.


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