iPhone Video Chat Mod: Now With Mirrors!

After the iPhone hit stores, I tried to think of a way to accomplish video chat. The best I could come up with was standing in front of a mirror, holding the phone. I didn’t think the concept was very good, so I forgot about it.

But someone else had a similar idea and ran with it. And so two-way video conferencing for iPhone was born. With a bit of software hacking and some nifty mirror hacking, the best conceivable method for iPhone video chat has become a reality.

The mirror attachment can lock onto the side or the back of the phone, and the software detects physical orientation.

Congratulations to the developers for landing first place at the Iron Coder Live competition, but Apple Inc. really needs to directly implement a more useable video chat solution for this to take off. I can’t say I would ever carry a mirror gizmo around in my pocket.


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