Land Real Estate App for Google Maps

There was little fanfare when Google launched My Maps in April. Now, four months later, the feature continues to gain almost zero public attention and excitement from developers doesn’t appear to be very strong.

There are so many cool things that can be done with the Google Maps interface. One I came up with is a land real estate overlay. Google offers a real estate application for houses available in an area, but those looking to purchase a few acres of land have no easy way to get a satellite overview of the plot.

I envision an overlay similar to the SimCity PC game’s method of plotting land development — a colored, semi-transparent shade. The colors would correspond to individual search results, listing price.

It may not necessarily appeal to a large market, but it would prove to be incredibly useful to its target audience. And with the poor condition of the real estate industry right now, it might be a good time to start developing it in preparation for a boom in property ownership.


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