Motorola’s Answer to the iPhone

I put together this 30-second iPhone parody video for YouTube. It pokes fun at some common cell phone features that are missing from Apple Inc.’s “Jesus-phone.”

The video focuses on three key features of my sub-$100 Motorola Krzr K1m: custom ring tones, instant messaging and a removable battery.

Admittedly none of these are a deal breaker for me — if the iPhone were available for AT&T, I’d drop six bills in a second. In fact, I’ve never even used the AIM on the phone, nor have I had a need to remove the battery. The only time the battery comes out is when I take the phone for service, and Verizon removes it in the hopes of finding water damage and a reason to tear up my warranty.

I could have included a few more things lacking from Apple’s entry into the mobile market, like sending text messages to multiple people, sending multimedia messages and recording video.

But I’m no Motorola fan by any means — certainly not as much as this guy. None of those issues really seem like that big a deal, especially with the e-mail application fulfilling two-thirds of those duties.

I really just made the video because I saw somebody found the music from the iPhone commercials and put it on a blog. I couldn’t let the song go to waste without making a goofy parody!

There are a couple similar videos on YouTube worth checking out. One clip criticizes Safari’s lack of Flash support, and Burv’s video pimps a Sony Ericsson phone, backed by cheesy 80s music.


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