Multiple Web Browser Sessions

I’m forced to keep multiple browsers on my system for one reason. It’s not because of rendering — I use Safari 3, and I haven’t yet run into a problem loading a site, even banking web sites. I keep three separate browsers on my system because of cookies.

I have the Safari 3 beta, which I use 90 percent of the time for all of my personal, school and most of my work needs. But I have separate logins for some web sites, like one personal account and one Bigthawt account for Google.

I could do the login-logout-login process a few times a day. But instead I keep Camino dedicated to blog-related work and Safari for everything else (and Firefox because it’s the only Mac browser compatible with Stumble).

A great feature that could be accomplished in a Firefox extension or Safari add-on would be multiple cookie sessions. So let’s say I have one session called “Personal,” one called “Work” and one called “School.” Once I switch to Work, it changes the list of active cookies, and suddenly I’m logged into my Google work account, the WordPress software, etc.

While you could change sessions on-the-fly using a menu item, the kicker would be that you could have each window dedicated to a separate session. So I have one window with a group of tabs under Personal, and I can open a second window, setting those tabs to Work.

Once Mac OS X Leopard hits stores, you could drag the windows between Spaces, making this feature all the more useful.

That way, it’s one browser to rule them all.


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