Should I Get Netflix? Calculator

Deciding whether to subscribe to Netflix is a much more difficult process than it needs to be. It often consists of long talks with the significant other about whether you might actually watch enough movies to warrant the monthly fee.

But the decision really comes down to a simple formula. If your combined Blockbuster rentals and DVD purchases exceed the cost of a Netflix plan, it’s worth it!

A tool to make the process a lot easier is a “Should I Get Netflix? Calculator” web application. The app would ask you to estimate the number of DVDs you purchased and rented in the past three months.

Then based on the average price of a DVD or a Blockbuster rental, the calculator could tell you whether it would make sense to get Netflix and suggest a plan that would fit your budget. It could also estimate how much additional spending money you would have for more DVD movies.

The concept could also be applied to video games with GameFly.

A revenue model for this tool would be through the Netflix affiliate program. After determining whether it’s a good idea for the user to get on Netflix, the tool would offer a referral link for the user to sign up for a plan, giving the developer a cut of the new subscription.

There are already a few Netflix calculators around, but ones like the Netflix Turnaround Predictor and the Netflix Fee Calculator target people who are already customers of the service. (And the tools were probably created by disgruntled customers.)

With the news surrounding Netflix having just lowered its prices, it’s likely that a new wave of consumers will take interest.


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