Social Network Site that Reconnects Teachers with Former Students

Have you ever wondered how your favorite high school teacher is doing?  How about someone makes a website where kindergarten through high school teachers, retired or still teaching, can create a Facebook-like profile, listing the school where they taught, their subject and contact information such as email address or phone number. – submitted by sokimatsu

Mark adds: This is a really interesting idea because it zeroes in on a very untapped niche: teachers. Not only do I think most teachers would love this service, but it has potential to be a big hit with Baby Boomers.

We all have had a few teachers who influenced us. But it’s really difficult to track them down to get in touch, especially if they switched schools or are no longer teaching.

Since Facebook has been open to high schools (and just about everyone) for almost a year, I could also see this being accomplished as a Facebook application, where teachers could create a profile and specify their teacher information through the app.


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