Floating feather iTunes visualizer

A mesmerizing concept for an iTunes visualizer would be simply a feather that floats to the “air flow” of the song. For intense, bass-heavy moments, the feather might move rather erratically. During calmer moments in a song, it would float smoothly, like the intro to Forrest Gump.

I came up with this one last night in my room before bed. Somehow a small feather from my blanket got caught in the room’s air-conditioning current and seemed to be dancing to the song playing in iTunes—”Spaceship” by The Vines.

Considering the awesome potential in iTunes visualizers, it’s really a shame how few worthwhile ones there are. It seems like every one is some variation of color-changing, spastic lines that pulsate to music.

But there are three I have downloaded over the years that stand out among all the Windows 95 screen savers.

  • Magnetosphere – Fireworks! Every song is like the 4th of July.
  • GasLight – While it does have hints of the classic visualizer squiggly lines, the concept outlives the others: The visualizer is a flame, and the music is its gas.
  • Fountain Music – It’s cool to watch your music splash. It’s also very customizable.

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