Month Note for iCal

Millions of people use calendar software to organize their lives. Maybe your assistant schedules your meetings in Microsoft Outlook, or you keep a personal iCal or Google Calendar at home, many of us would be lost without the virtually automatic organization of a PC calendar.

With start times and end times, alarms and syncs, these applications have become very good at structuring our lives. But often times these structured programs do not account for the uncertainty that is human nature. Outlook is one of the few calendar programs I’ve used that even has a tentative function. (Not all appointments are set in stone!)

But one thing I find very common is that someone will say to me, “We’re planning the wedding some time in September.” Or, “We’ll be releasing the iPhone in July.” There’s no way to put this information into your calendar, so it will probably be forgotten until you receive the wedding invitation in July, and realize you scheduled all your big meetings in September.

The solution is a Month Note. Once you add a note to a particular month, an icon will appear next to that month in your calendar software. You can click the icon to see a list of notes for that month.

This could certainly be used for established, annual monthly events, like Black History Month in February.


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