Color matching tool

I’ve never had a good eye for colors. Maybe it was inherited from my dad, who mistook each of his three brown-haired sons for ginger babies. (Fortunately for us, he was wrong.) This handicap makes everything from web design to choosing what clothes to wear a burden.

A helpful tool would be a web service or a widget where I could choose a starting color, and it would return a list of a few colors that match. The tool should be as simple as picking colors from a crayon box, or as expandable as choosing hues from a color wheel or inputting a hex value.

Maybe it’ll stop me from making the cardinal sin of wearing brown shorts with a black shirt. (Girls tell me that’s simply unacceptable.)


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  1. sokimatsu on

    I think this would be a great widget! Coming from a girl, I can tell you that I see a lot of guys who don’t know how to match at all and I think this would be very helpful for them.

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