Put your ideas out there: It really works

If you’ve read Bigthawt’s About page, you should already have a good understanding of the site’s concept and what I hope it is able to accomplish in the future. In short, the hope is that this becomes a database of great ideas waiting for a Web developers, entrepreneurs, inventors or writer’s-blocked authors to like an idea, and contact the thinker behind the thawt to turn it into something.

And after reading the story behind self-described “thinker” Derek Powazek’s idea turned shareware app, I couldn’t help but smile.

Powazek posted a concept on his blog in May for a mini-player for the Apple Mail application, similar to the one in iTunes, activated when you press the green zoom button. The concept for Mail provides a compact interface for basic interaction like reading new messages, composing or checking for new mail.

It didn’t take long for a developer, OliveToast Software, to pickup the concept and hit the ground running. Less than two months later, a full-fledged $9 MiniMail plugin was available for purchase.

I contacted the developer to find out if Powazek was receiving a cut of the profits but didn’t receive a response as of post time.

I have a ton of great ideas for the future of Bigthawt for thinker-developer revenue models, but for now, I think we should focus on the thawts. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to submit them!


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