Web-based Skype client

Nowadays, you can do just about anything in a browser. You used to need an application devoted to email, one for word processing, one for calendars, one for radio stations. With services like Meebo, you can even chat in your browser window.

It’s about time for Skype to catch up and offer a 100 percent Web-based version of the widely popular VoIP application. It would be nice to be able to boot-up Skype in Firefox from any computer and call up any of your contacts (or phone numbers, if you have a SkypeOut account, like I do).

But the big reason is to capture the iPhone market. Imagine anyone being able to make free voice chat calls whenever in range of a wifi spot. This becomes even more attractive for me, being stuck in a Verizon Wireless contract for at least another year. I would definitely buy an iPhone and use the non-AT&T activation method if I could make calls at any Starbucks. (And let’s face it. Starbucks is everywhere.)


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