‘The Man from Burkina Faso’

I came up with a crazy chorus melody in the shower today, inspired by The Beach Boys. I’ve been listening to a lot of “Pet Sounds” and “Smile” recently, so I wanted to play with vocal harmonies.

What began as a three-person (my voice layered three times) vocal harmony ended up as something that sounds very similar to a kazoo. GarageBand can do some whacky effects.

All I used in the recording process was a $30 pair of earphones, the MacBook built-in microphone (resulting in quite a bit of white noise) and a guitar, on which I used effects to create a bass sound.

The chorus line, “He was the man from Burkina Faso,” came from an interview I did with an independent radio reporter from the West African nation of Burkina Faso. His name was Oulon Ouezen, 35, and he was certainly nutty enough to have a Beach Boys song named after him.

Listen to “The Man from Burkina Faso”.

Edit: Link no longer available. Email me, and I’ll send you the mp3.


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