Internet Fad Database (IFDB)

WTF is WTF? Who is “in ur _ _in ur _?” What is goatse? (Hint: You don’t want to know.) From Star Wars Kid to an unending love for Ron Paul (R-Tex.), the Web is full of fads and inside jokes most people don’t understand.

An Internet Fad Database (or IFDB, for short) would be a nice solution. The site would be a searchable archive of all the obscure or geeky references that pervade the series of tubes. Some of the most up-to-date terms with article descriptions would be featured on the home page.

I could definitely benefit from a tool like this. Hell, I don’t understand half the things I see on the Internet.

Update: My brother points out that the Urban Dictionary has most of the weird shit I mentioned, but this would differ from that website because it would be exclusive to Internet trends—not thousands of random entries Another idea would be simply to have one page linking to all of the currently relevant Web speak.


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