Pownce integration for Digg

Here’s an idea that I can’t be the first to have come up with. After seeing Digg.com founder Kevin Rose’s much-hyped (at least on Diggnation) web-based instant messaging application, called Pownce, I wouldn’t expect it to really catch on as a standalone project.

Cue Digg-Pownce integration. Private messaging has been the gaping hole in the Digg experience since the community-driven website launched in 2004. How can you expect to sustain a community, where members can’t contact each other?

The same interface principles used in Gmail to implement Google Chat could be applied to Digg. Many users already have their Digg friends list populated with users to track what they’re submitting, commenting and digging. All of these names could be propagated in a Pownce interface right on the page. Click on a user’s name and a message window, supporting file and event sharing, pops up in all of its Ajaxy goodness.

On the subject of Google, your Digg login information could carry over to Pownce, just like it does for Google applications. That means Pownce could potentially launch with over a million registered users! By leveraging these already-active Web users, Pownce could easily become the fastest-growing messaging service ever. (Of course that’s not saying a whole lot, considering the top messaging protocol in the United States has kept its spot for ten years.)

And once the OpenID standard, to which Digg pledged its support in February, begins to gain speed, your Digg/Pownce login could be the same one you use to comment on blogs (like this one) or any other website, for that matter.

Pownce, with its blog-like profile page, could soon position itself as a Facebook competitor with the help of the devoted Digg user-base. (I’d call it a Facebook-killer, but Rose has done that already.)


3 comments so far

  1. danno on

    Yeah it woulud have been a facebook killer until facebook opened development up to the public and added the ability to write apps for it.

  2. Dell on

    Great idea, although it does sound easier said than done…

  3. Michael on

    if anyone needs a pownce invite, i still have several left. send me an email at


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